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I think if I hadn't been reading this for a book club I may have struggled to finish. Wallace took far to long to get things going, 'things' got going or so pages in, - by this point I worry the author may have lost quite a few readers There were some amusing touches along the way and I quite liked the premise but I'm not sure this is as top notch as the author would hope it to be.

Apr 26, Ellie rated it it was amazing Shelves: general-fiction. There was a girl struggling with the door of a cab and her packages. And I don't know why, but I asked if I could help. And she smiled at me. This incredible smile. And suddenly I felt all manly and confident, like a handyman who knows just which nail to buy, and now I'm holding some of her bags, and she's saying "thank you" and then And it felt like a beginning. But the cabbie was impatient and I suppose we were just too British to say anything else Jason Priestly no, There was a girl struggling with the door of a cab and her packages.

Jason Priestly no, not that one is left standing on the corner of Charlotte Street holding a disposable camera. The Girl has left it behind but it's too late to hand it back and he doesn't know who she is. His flatmate and best mate, Dev, thinks they should get the film developed and look for clues to her identity. Jason thinks they're bordering on stalking. Yet, there's a link, a tenuous one at best, and they team up with ex-pupil, Matt, to uncover the pattern in the photos.

Jason's had a rough time of things lately. The prologue is rather dark and may leave you feeling, just for a moment, that this isn't the humorous book you were expecting. Whilst it does have its serious side, it's full of Danny's trademark, charming humour. Just like the funny parts are funny because they are grounded in reality, the characters are incredibly real and that includes their faults. Humour can often be a mask to hide behind. It's one of those books that captures the current day of normal people like you and me.

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They may get a bit drunk and say stupid things on Facebook when their ex is happy and engaged. They might create fantasies out of people they bump into on the street and may never see again. Yet there's that hope that they might. They might not be all that great at their jobs but muddle through anyway. There's a hint of recession but nothing overwhelming to the plot, just enough to place it in the now. It's finite. So every time you capture one in that little box, you've got one less to spare.

By the time you get to that last one, you better be sure that moment is special, because what if the next one comes along and you've got to let it go?

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End of an ending. Or a new beginning. A dot-dot-dot to take you to the next roll. Photographs have become so less special in the digital age, yet there are still thousands who love that finite quality of a roll of film. I also love how the story of The Girl unravels through the photographs. Danny's first foray into fiction has been a huge success. I did at times picture Jason as Danny himself, which is difficult when a writer has done so much autobiographical writing, yet as the story develops Jason becomes his own person.

The characterisation is spot on and I just wanted to keep reading about their lives, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Jul 01, Spencer Bowden rated it liked it. First off, this is my first review on Goodreads. Hopefully the first of many. So, to the book. I generally enjoy this type of easy read fiction. This book is ok. I wouldn't read it again, but it didn't feel like a chore to read. The good points: pretty easy plot. A quick read. I genuinely laughed out loud about four times; there is some good humour in this book, in places.

I didn't like all of the ongoing First off, this is my first review on Goodreads. I didn't like all of the ongoing 'stuff' with the protagonists ex; the clue is in the title, she is an EX. Get over it already. I am a bit of a stickler for continuity etc, so being told at the start of the book that the protagonist is 32, then spending a good few weeks following him around, then jump forward one year final page, one year later and hey presto he is STILL 32? Err no he isn't. Little things like that gnaw away at me and stop me giving this book a higher rating.

Overall I think it is an ok book, as I said at the start. My other half is going to read it, but heard me sighing when I read it so is preparing herself. She might love it. Some people clearly do, and good luck to them. I don't hate it, it just has some little niggles. That isn't all down to Danny Wallace, after all he only wrote the thing. With that age thing and the number of typos, I wonder how much money Ebury Press put in to proof reading? Not enough by the look of it. They let you down, Danny. I loved this book! The character is speaking to the reader, like he would a friend. He tells you the details of his story, but slowly and cautiously at first like you really would do with someone you were just getting to know.

He wants you to like him but he also tells you the true story. Jason's life is in a bit of a rut and he realizes that it's mostly his fault. One day, just like any other, he is walking down the street and he shares a moment really more like a few seconds with a stranger. H I loved this book! He feels a connection to her and when he has accidentally kept her disposable camera she had dropped some things on the sidewalk and he helped her pick them up he has to decide what to do with it. He develops the film after some strong encouragement from his best friend Dev.

But the girl was a stranger, so all he can do is try to use the pictures as clues to help him find her again to try return her pictures. This reminds me a bit of Ted's journey on How I Met Your Mother, because it's not just about The Girl it's also about everything that he did while trying to find her.

I really just loved it. It made me laugh and cry happy tears and it made me feel like I was more inside the mind of the narrator then I normally do when reading a book. This is already one of my favorite books that I've read this year Jan 06, Christine Blachford rated it liked it.

It also took quite a long time to get going, it felt like we were never going to get anywhere for at least the first half of the book. With those negatives out the way, I did actually quite like it in the end. You grow to love the Jason character, despite the fact he keeps withholding information from you, the reader, just so he can have some nice end-of-chapter cliffhangers.

Apr 02, Kenny rated it liked it. Yes man, Join Me, Friends like these - all were entertaining warm hearted and amusing. So a novel was likely to have fairly similar territory - and does. Naming the protagonist Jason Priestly not that one was, I think, to try to stop me calling him Danny throughout not a total success such was the familiarity with Jason in this novel compared to Danny. That sort of thing.

It was a generally enjoyable, warm, if ultimately forgettable read. Jul 20, Thais Morimoto tatakizi rated it really liked it. Charlotte Street is very funny and cute at the same time. As soon as you enter the story, the reading flows very well. I thought the story could have been reduced a little. I loved the details that the author put in the book, but sometimes I felt I would never finish reading.

Jason is a realistic character. Everything that happened in his life, could be happening with the person next to you. Dev is my favorite character. He is a great friend and he is so funny! I'd say to pick up this book you need Charlotte Street is very funny and cute at the same time. I'd say to pick up this book you need to have patience and like the writing style. However, it was a great entertainment and I am happy to finally have read. I won a copy of this via Goodreads First Reads.

Thank you! I have tried and tried to make a dent in this book. Maybe I'm just too American because the "dry wit" is apparently too dry for me. I kept wanting the story to change direction and just start following a different character altogether. The main character is boring. He's an observer, only he doesn't make very exciting observations. It just wasn't for me.

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Despite my best efforts, I only made it about a quarter of the way into the book. Feb 06, Margi rated it it was ok. This book started out great and I was really into the humor and the story. Then about halfway through I became bogged down by the story and the humor was gone as well. The characters were intriguing at first as well, and then I found that I just did not care about any of them and I did not care if Jason ever found "the girl" I am disappointed as I thought this was going to be a fun, light read, but that is not the case.

I loved Yes Man. Then I started this and wanted to cry because it didn't have the same funny, easy, graceful style. If it hadn't been a book club book I would have given up; but I'm so glad I didn't.

Half way through it slipped back into the funny, laugh out loud style I had expected and I really enjoyed it. Heartwarming and lovely. May 27, Nicky Robinson rated it really liked it. I love Danny Wallace, and I love this book! It differs from his other books that I've read as it is fiction and not a true account of something that's happened to him. I mostly read YA so I was a bit hesitant to read it but I got it for cheap and the cover makes me so happy! As this has a something protagonist I wasn't really sure I would connect to him but I in a way I did.

I really felt for him. I'm too lazy to write a coherent review all I need to say is that I was pleasantly surprised and it was a great read! Jun 02, Andrea Ellis rated it it was amazing Shelves: comedy-drama. A best friend of mine bought this for me and I read it in two days!! As with Danny's comedy-docu bks this was funny and gripping n I could completely picture the characters and their habitats.

Very David Nicholls esque of one day fame but just better and I can never run out out of great things to say about Mr Wallaces writing style-loved it. Charlotte st is right up my street!!! Jan 15, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: fabbiest. Just your average story of boy stalks girl. Until the next time Charlotte Street Jul 26, Mugren Ohaly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had lost hope in British writers. Danny Wallace is different though. I loved this book. I'm a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a good plot.

This book had both. And the way he writes makes you want to keep reading. Cuisines: French , Mediterranean , European. Pizza Express. Cuisines: Pizza , Italian. Cuisines: Asian , Thai. Tapas Cuisines: Spanish. Cote Brasserie. Cuisines: Deli , Grill. Cuisines: Japanese , Cafe , Asian , Healthy. Josephine's Filipino Restaurant. Cuisines: Philippine , Asian. Caffe Nero. Cuisines: Barbecue , Asian , Korean.

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Cuisines: French. Cafe Metro Express. Be the first to review this restaurant. Chettinad Restaurant. Cuisines: Indian. Cuisines: Mediterranean , European , Spanish. Pied a Terre. Cuisines: French , European. Da Paolo Restaurant. Cuisines: Italian , Mediterranean , European. Cuisines: Japanese , Sushi , Asian , Grill. Besides, the hotel's host of recreational offerings ensures you have plenty to do during your stay. Central London Serviced Aparthotel Charlotte Stree is your one-stop destination for quality hotel accommodations in London. The location is perfect. You can walk to UCL and Chinatown.

But I am not quite satisfied with the service provide. Sometimes the customers service on the phone is not available. Thus I cannot find someone to help with the WiFi or heater In the reception there are two people, one Indian and the other white I do not know his nationality. They were treated very very badly. I would not recommend this hotel because of the reception staff. Doesn't say anywhere when we booked that it was a shared kitchen with three other rooms.

The actual room was tiny, only just enough room for the double bed that was just a fold down bed. Bathroom was tiny as well. A lot of dirt and rubbish underneath the bed and over all not very clean. The only positive was that it was just outside of Soho so in a good area. Would not recommend staying here- pay a little bit more and get a nice hotel! The vehicle noise early in the morning and people talking late in the evening after dinner are really loud.

Very annoying and couldn't get good rest. The space is really tiny, especially the bathroom! The property looks nothing like these photos. I saw no artwork or lounge areas. The showers were either out of order or had issues working. As well, I was charged the late check in fee. When I tried to verify the amount via email I was ignored, when I did it in person they seemed offended.

I was instructed to call the host when I arrived but was given 2 numbers for the same person I ended up staying with a friend for the majority of the stay because the room was just too small and noisy. For pros, the location. That's about it. Splurge and spend an extra pound for a place that is in the area but also accurately described in the posting. Rooms are clean and so are shared areas. Few areas for improvement: Bath mat Shelving in bathroom no place to put wash items as the sink is so small Bigger sinks in bathroom these are for cloak rooms Bin in bathrooms especially for ladies Poor internet reception - don't think I connected at all as I am on floor 2 and box is on floor 1 Handwash Dish Cloth so we can clean up after ourselves Invest more in beds - matress and pillows and so weak.

I was a solo traveller. The apartment was located in an excellent location. I was very happy with the room and the bathroom and everything in general. A few things I dislike: 1 bathroom was small, 2 no airconditioner. Otherwise, the room is perfect for two people I had an ensuite and I would highly recommend it. Good cafes, pubs and restaurants nearby. Walking distance to Oxford and Soho districts. Close by to the tube - highly recommend it if the price is reasonable, of course.

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Ended up walking the streets of London until 2am searching for a place to stay as everywhere was fully booked!!! How dare they let a 25 year old women walk the streets of London at the time and not even consider an apology! A car ended up starting to follow me around and my safety was at risk! I have been scarred from this situation! That was mentioned post-contract, two days before I was meant to arrive and long after I booked my coach. Instead of putting decent curtains in, the letters have a weird see through mesh - the room is lit up the entire night.

The room is dirt cheap and is in central London. One night stay in London. Great for what we required. Clean and good to have an en-suite shower. Bed comfortable and really nice bed linen. Loads of restaurants close by and easy to get to underground. The good: Situated in a nice neighborhood. Lots of places in walking distance and close to tube stations.

Nice kitchen shared. Super fast wifi. The bad: Uncomfortable bed, more like a fold out lounge. Top floor rooms hot in summer no air con. FYI there is no lift, no problem for me but may be an issue for others. Would only recommend for a short stay. This place needs sound proofing better.

Not the place to stay if you are on business. Would stay again. Small but good room. Shared kitchen works. Traffic a bit noisy. Difficult to find but ask locals in shops nearby. Great location for the price. Basic, comfortable facilities for the solo traveler. I really enjoyed my stay here although to start I was a bit nervous.

It was only after I had confirmed my non refundable booking that I noticed the negative reviews from some guests having bad check in experiences. I was quick to contact the property at their head office in Spain where the staff were very helpful and explained that the check in process is handled by the nearby newsagent.


Property is basic but clean and met my needs for the quick trip. Ideal to get your head down. In a great location. Cheap and cheerful. Pros: location, cost, facilities. You have place in the fridge to put your water and other stuff. The room size is small but totally enough for us. The bathroom is OK. Contras: There is not a reception, and we asked for a early check-in via Agoda, but they never have red or answered our comments, we arrived the apartment around am, and nobody answer our calls until am, after got them, they informed us that the check-in is at pm and not before, so we couldn't save our baggage in the appartment, and we would to keep this with us all day long.

The best thing of this place, without a doubt is the location. It is a building, without elevator, with small apartments with 3 rooms and a common kitchen. The room was clean in general, of 10 qm, overlooking a nice and quiet inner courtyard. The furniture very basic. A bed, a small wardrobe, a bedside table away from the bed and a chair. The suitcases on the floor all the time. The curtains, a lot of light came in, so we woke up very early. The toilet is very small, 2 qm, it lacks ventilation. No soap, or shampoo available. Both the toilet door and the room door urgently need maintenance, since when opening or closing it they made an unpleasant noise.

A little grease and solves. A papermaker in the room and a desk is very necessary.